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We like designing, the beginnings of the art of printing and the paper that has progressed with the gentle times. Illustration, which creates colours and shapes from images, and art, which expresses the words we want to convey from the colours and sensations of paint. They are all important work for us. We will continue to preserve the Oriental sensibility in the future. 私たちはデザインすること、印刷の技術の始まりと穏やかな時代と共に進歩した紙面が好きです。 イメージから色と形を作り出すイラストレーション、絵具の色と感覚から伝えたい言葉を表現するアート。 私たちにとってどれも大切な仕事です。 この先も感覚を守っていきます。

Liner gray

Photo: 100g

White Kraft

Photo: 100g

Cotton Bottle Green

Photo: 116.3g

* Although some corrections have been made, we would appreciate it if you could understand the difference in color from the actual sample.

Printing method in case of printing

Letterpress printing

sample text

Offset printing

sample text

・ Foil stamping
​・ Embossing, etc.

sample text

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